WINNER - 2014 Media Award, American College of Nurse-Midwives

An Answering Flame – 

From the journal of a horseback-nurse-midwife

ISBN 1484150287

Softcover, 6"x9" or Kindle –  205 pages, color cover, historic photos


Frontier Nursing Service nurse-midwives rode horseback up Kentucky’s rugged hollows to deliver babies, treat the sick and injured day or night; winter or summer. Risking surprise encounters with desperate bootleggers, they answered the call usually alone with only what they could carry in their saddlebags.

They brought care to America’s most remote families, lowering the maternity death rate below the national average.

One young nurse had to reach deep into her soul for the courage to go on. By and by, she could not imagine her life anyplace else. Here is her story.

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